NMN - The Authentic Age Reversing Molecule

Let’s face it, whoever needed a compelling reason to feel younger?
We spend a lot of time and effort researching how to make our products better in every way.  We’re very excited about our HALO1618 product, which we’ve tested from the ground up, and we want you to be happy with it too.  We’d love to hear your feedback on how we could make further improvements .

Naina’s Experience with NMN

I enjoy my outdoors very much, paddle boarding and rock climbing are my hobbies. Being a tradesman I spend a lot of time climbing on the roofs of houses and factories, and I have damaged my shoulders, my back and my foot from dumb injuries such as stretching and straining.  I have tried many other products but none of them were really helpful with my pain for more than a short-term fix, and then I get ongoing repetitive strain from my work. 
One day a good friend of mine mentioned a product called NMN and suggested that I should try it, he said he had been taking NMN for some time, and that he knew a few people had experienced positive benefits including improved sleep, increase in energy levels and relief from long-term injury pain, so I decided to give it a go.  I started taking HALO1618 and at the end of the week he called me to ask if I had noticed any difference.  Of course when you don’t feel pain you don’t think about it, but when he asked I suddenly realised that I hadn’t noticed any pain for a few days, and my shoulder was really feeling much better.  Within a week my body felt as good as new. Couldn’t recommend it enough. HALO1618 has made it possible for me to enjoy my hobbies and not have to worry about the injuries keeping me awake or torturing me at work.
Thank you very much David for introducing this NMN to me.

Dave’s Experience with Halo1618 Nmn

I have been taking NMN for over a year now.  I take HALO1618 tablets, which carry a recommended dose of one tablet per hour during the day.  It’s tough to be as consistent as I’d like, but safe to say my dosage exceeds 6 tablets per day.  I usually crunch up the tablet inside my mouth to speed up how quickly it dissolves under the tongue.  I have tried some other NMN tablet products and I really prefer the taste of HALO1618, also the pill is a really convenient size.  Some of the other pills I tried were were just huge, which I found a little off-putting, and they had an unpleasant aftertaste.  HALO1618 tastes a little sweet, almost like candy but the info on the bottle says it doesn’t contain sugar.
A couple of days after I started taking NMN, I was working some back-to-back night and day shift work, and I went to bed after the last early afternoon shift feeling tired and expecting to sleep through until the following morning.  I awoke feeling totally refreshed, but when I checked my watch I was surprised to find that I had slept only 3 hours.  In the time since then I have noticed a reduced sleep requirement, I now sleep for 6 to 6.5hrs per night when I used to require at least 8hrs, and I always wake up feeling ready to face the day, gone is the groggy feeling I used to get during early waking hours.
During my week I do a lot of very physical work, including carrying heavy items up and down stairs, stacking all kinds of items inside trucks, so a lot of stretching and lifting with a fair amount of contortion fitting through doorways, gates and arches.  Sometimes the days are short but often they exceed 12hrs, and I rarely take a break.  Since taking HALO1618 I’ve lost weight, I’m now about 55 pounds lighter than when I started taking NMN.  I notice a lack of muscle fatigue which I used to sometimes get after a particularly hard day moving a bunch of heavy boxes, it just doesn’t happen anymore.  My strength and mental alertness has improved and I’ve never noticed any negative side effects.  Illness with colds and flu seems to be a thing of the past as well, I just don’t get sick anymore. Thank you HALO for this Amazing Product

Jane’s Experience with HALO1618 NMN

My fertility journey has been a battle from the moment we decided to try for a baby. We experienced a lot of disappointments along the way, and spent a lot of time travelling to see all kinds of different doctors, many of whom gave conflicting opinions about what to do next.  I have to say I lost a lot of respect for the way many of these people handle their patients, I felt like I was being pushed around by people who frequently lacked knowledge or at the very least kindness and humility.

After countless medical tests and treatments nothing seemed to help. I’ve learnt along the way you need to really do your research and try anything that’s safe and makes a difference. When I heard the news that a supplement called NMN could make a difference to embryo DNA I looked into it more and among a bunch of others I found this article https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/721985v1  So then I started looking into it more and found this brand of NMN called HALO1618 which seemed to be well researched and tastes really nice, it doesn’t have a chemical flavor at all. After 3 months of taking Halo, we fell pregnant and I’m now weeks from holding my baby. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true, a real miracle pill.

Graham’s Experience with HALO1618 NMN

I have always had a very active lifestyle, from running marathons to cycling for fundraising. Keeping active has always been a way for me to connect with others and keep fit at the same time.  When I turned sixty, I felt like I was still in my twenties mentally but physically it was a different story. The injuries from exercise just kept adding up, my muscles felt like they were literally shrinking, I could barely look at myself in the mirror without gasping.  

I’d been trying to keep active and doing stuff like Pilates and Yoga along with some physio work, but it had been seeming like an uphill battle.  Someone at the gym mentioned a product they had heard about called NMN, and said their friends had reported positive results, even in older family members who were now climbing mountains and living life as if they were back in their thirties.  So I did some digging and found out about this product called Halo1618, which I started taking about 6 months ago. Now not only have I visibly grown some new muscle tissue, I also managed a new personal best and best result in my age bracket for a recent half-marathon, but last week someone asked me if my son was my brother!  I’m really happy with the positive results I’ve had from taking Halo1618, it’s turned my life around.

Joanne’s Experience with HALO1618 NMN

When I was in my 20’s I could eat almost any amount of food I wanted, chocolate, ice-cream, burgers and pizza. I didn’t exercise and never had an issue with my weight, I could walk into a store and fit into any dress with confidence. This all changed when I turned 40, almost overnight! A combination of kids, work and late nights, I thought it was a combination of these things, so I started to try to exercise and change my diet, but even when I managed to find time to follow the TV exercise routines I got no change to my weight. I tried taking some weight loss pills but I think some of these things made me feel even worse. Looking back I believe I became depressed after nearly a year of trying to shift the weight with no progress, I had no energy and low motivation to match. When I first came across the NMN research from a friend who was taking it, I thought it was just another diet pill, too good to be true right? But when I dug deeper and realised that there was science to back up the research and I couldn’t find anyone reporting negative side-effects, I started my NMN journey. No kidding, the very first pill I took, I felt my hunger cease, then after a few days my energy levels jumped up big time. A month later, my jeans were loose at the waist which was such a reward, so I kept going and about 5 months later I was back to the weight from pre-kids. I don’t diet and do zero exercise and I have no time to do so, all I have to do is remember to take my tablets. I still can’t believe how this stuff works, but its changed my life and I can’t thank HALO1618 enough.

Anthony’s Experience with HALO1618 NMN

After graduating and working in my dream job as a biologist in an animal wild life park, life was awesome. I had worked hard to get to where I was and was ready to move into a new position in the park until I became sick just like that.  It started with a few days off work and my boss was supportive and understanding. But by the 3rd and 4th time, my boss had the talk with me that left me heartbroken, I was asked to take a break until my health improved as I was no longer to perform my duties with the animals in the state I was in. 

It started with my joints feeling stiff to then swelling of my knees where I could hardly walk from my bed to the toilet. During the time off work, I saw countless medical professionals, where I was given diagnoses ranging from Fibromyalgia to Osteoporosis.  None of the diagnosis were confirmed by tests and that left me with nothing but the crippling pain I was in. I then had to move back in with my parents, who looked after me as much as they could, cooking for me and washing my clothes. From being a highly functioning scientist to being disabled I was left with a very low self-esteem. One day I started to google my symptoms and everything pointed towards chronic inflammation and auto-immune disease. I then read an article by Professor David Sinclair who I highly respected as a fellow scientist and it just clicked.  Before you know it I had my first bottle of HALO1618 and started to take it as often as possible. Within 3 days, my swelling reduced by 50% and my pain was nearly gone. 3 months later, I am back to my normal self and back at work doing what I love. I learnt so much during this painful time, but the biggest lesson was to never give up and do your research. Life can change overnight, I learnt that the hard way, but thanks to Halo I am now stronger and healthier than ever.